Examples Of Non Linear Presentations

I've mocked up an example of the slide navigation - just empty slides with hot spots linking to other slides. Can't do the 'pad' bit within PPT or OpenOffice Impress without scripting. You could change the colours (recommended unless your viewers wear dark glasses) and make the 'objects' blend in by setting them to be transparent fill and no line. I sometimes use photos for the background and add text in boxes with pastel colours.

The non-linear navigation lends itself to cycles and stages. You can give the audience a choice of paths through the material. I've found that a diagram lends itself for the home page graphic (here just a grid of colours). People can read the process/metaphor and ask for more detail on the various parts. I also find that the parts need to be small grains of information (one, perhaps three slides). Basically I'm talking through the second and third level of a mind map.

Challenge (I am a teacher): Try to draw the link diagram for these 55 slides by interacting with the presentations in display mode.

Anyone else had experience of presenting using non-linear navigation?

Existing Tools for no-linear presentations


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