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Hey guys!

Version 1.3 is coming out soon and it's going to look and work much better than previous versions (You can view a preview of it here )

For the TalkingPad community, please email if you'd like a promo code to download it once it comes out (limited number available), email me at:


You guys played a role in getting this out, you deserve a copy of the app!


Friends, nonlinear v1.3 will be out in a few weeks. In the meantime, here is a sneak peak:

nonlinear v 1.3 out soon! by Leor GLeor G, 25 Jan 2011 06:09

Version 1.2 of nonlinear is now shipping!

Big improvements on previous version, including ability to import through iTunes and load PowerPoint, Keynote, and more.



nonlinear v 1.2 shipping by Leor GLeor G, 07 Dec 2010 07:16
Blog is up...
Leor GLeor G 21 Nov 2010 04:38
in discussion Forum / General Discussions » New app name

A blog with some support tips is up on the site now:

In other news…

Version 1.2 should be out within two weeks. This is going to be a big improvement upon the first version, with iTunes support as well as the ability to import PowerPoint and Keynote files. Very excited to announce that!

Blog is up... by Leor GLeor G, 21 Nov 2010 04:38

Hi Andreas,

Thanks so much for your questions. Right now, only videos and photos can be brought into the app through iTunes file transfers. You'll have to bring in PDFs using the "Download from web" feature and enter the URL of the PDF.

This also means that you'll need to put your PDF online where you can access. If you don't have web hosting, there is free web hosting at . Once you upload your PDF, you'd enter a URL that looks like…

For photos and videos, you can also download this way. However, you can also synch a folder with iTunes containing videos and photos. THen, you can load in the files.

The next version, v 1.2, is being worked on right now and is due to be released the first week of December. The next version will allow for PPTs and Keynote files to be brought directly into the app (no PDFs required) and you'll be able to transfer directly through iTunes.

Feel free to email me any questions directly at moc.ysteek|ofni#moc.ysteek|ofni .



Andreas (guest) 27 Oct 2010 19:29
in discussion Forum / General Discussions » New app name

The thing is this. Your app only access the Photos on ipad but i want to access files that are in goodreader or pages.

Andy idea?

by Andreas (guest), 27 Oct 2010 19:29
Andreas (guest) 27 Oct 2010 19:20
in discussion Forum / General Discussions » New app name

Hey Leor,

thanks for the great work. I just bought in but i have to say I cant get it to work. I cant get a presentation on the app.
You should include and dropbox right away. Look at ithoughtsHD the did a great job. Also you should work on the buttons. Its not really clear where i have to click.

Looking forward to you second version!!

Keep it up. You are an Linchpin!

Looking forward to make my first presentation with your app. I will tell you then how it went.


by Andreas (guest), 27 Oct 2010 19:20
Andreas (guest) 27 Oct 2010 19:16
in discussion Forum / Marketing » Sneak Peak at TalkingPad

Is your app the app called nonlinear? Its not really working i can´t get a file in there… Can you help?

by Andreas (guest), 27 Oct 2010 19:16

Hello friends!

Well, today is it. This is the first place to know that as of right now, nonlinear - the non-linear presentation app based on The TalkingPad Project - is available through the App Store!

$2 from every purchase will be donated to Acumen Fund.

Thanks for the inspiration!


nonlinear - NOW AVAILABLE!!! by Leor GLeor G, 07 Oct 2010 01:39
New app name
Leor GLeor G 28 Sep 2010 04:26
in discussion Forum / General Discussions » New app name

Hello friends!

It turns out that the name TalkingPad actually can't be used as an app name. Apps have to avoid using the word "pad" in their title. So, the new name is:


and the new website is…

The logo is…


Hope for it to be out very soon! (it's going through the approval process again… tick tock…)

New app name by Leor GLeor G, 28 Sep 2010 04:26

The website for the TalkingPad was redone and the app is now in the final stages of approval for the App Store.

Screenshots of the app and an FAQ can be found here:



TalkingPad Website! by Leor GLeor G, 13 Sep 2010 06:37

Hi everyone,

In just a few weeks, the TalkingPad will be ready for download off of the App Store. The programmers are in the final throes of testing and I'm really excited about how it looks!! More features will be added on but you can checkout a few more details here:

TalkingPad Site



Just a few more weeks! by Leor GLeor G, 27 Aug 2010 22:40
Re: Sneak Peak at TalkingPad
Andreas K (guest) 05 Jul 2010 07:45
in discussion Forum / Marketing » Sneak Peak at TalkingPad

Thanx a lot. Looks awesome! I will get an ipad in September as well. Do ypu know when the pad will be in the Germjan app store?

Re: Sneak Peak at TalkingPad by Andreas K (guest), 05 Jul 2010 07:45

Hey Andreas,

It will initially be for the iPad. An iPhone version may come out soon after.


Re: TalkingPad App Coming Soon by Leor GLeor G, 28 Jun 2010 12:00
Re: TalkingPad App Coming Soon
Andreas K (guest) 28 Jun 2010 08:06
in discussion Forum / Marketing » TalkingPad App Coming Soon

Hallo Leo,

will this be an i-pad app or i-phone app?



Re: TalkingPad App Coming Soon by Andreas K (guest), 28 Jun 2010 08:06


Here is a sneak peak of the TalkingPad app that I mentioned last week. The app should be available for download in September 2010 - or even sooner. One caveat - this video makes the application look like it's on a Mac II in black in white. The released version will have the look and feel of an iPad app and not a Mac circa 1992 app.


Sneak Peak at TalkingPad by Leor GLeor G, 28 Jun 2010 06:33

Hi TalkingPadders,

In September, a version of the TalkingPad app should be ready for download through the iTunes app store. This earlier version won't yet have all the features of the TalkingPad dream app, but v1.0 will get us 90% there. By Monday, I should have a walk through of this early version.

Exciting times!


TalkingPad App Coming Soon by Leor GLeor G, 25 Jun 2010 12:58
Re: rearrange option
Rob (guest) 10 Jun 2010 18:31
in discussion Forum / Per page discussions » UI Mock-ups

How about you shake to randomize because that just seems natural (though I'm not sure how useful randomizing the order is…); you pinch with all 5 fingers, gathering all the thumbnails together, then they spring back to their original positions. Also, at any moment, you should be able to (perhaps) touch and hold a thumbnail (this sequence is like the iPhone sequence where you move icons around), the thumbs start to jiggle and a popup menu lets you save the config.

So there's original config, random, manual, and saved configs.


Re: rearrange option by Rob (guest), 10 Jun 2010 18:31
Re: Sample Presentation Pages
Rob (guest) 10 Jun 2010 17:37
in discussion Forum / Per page discussions » UI Mock-ups

Woah, hold up there. The context menu is fine for additional functionality, but not fine for core functions. Navigation in a touch interface should, if possible, be by single direct actions like touching, swiping, etc.

Re: Sample Presentation Pages by Rob (guest), 10 Jun 2010 17:37

I've seen this tried so many times in so many college classrooms. Usually the teacher requires the class to buy some sort of "clicker" device (which costs $15 rather than $500) and the students can then respond to questions etc. Problems become immediately apparent when dealing with the lengthy setup time and getting everyone connected to the system, usually wasting an entire lecture purely on this. Teachers aren't IT admins and consumer devices like the ipad are flashy and fun but why replicate the function of a $15 device when it has already proved to be at most slightly beneficial as a tool. As a computer engineer, I love good technology, but good technology cannot replace good teaching. And a tool like this wouldn't be effective without good teachers using it right as opposed to a classroom plaything which allows the whole class to vote the teacher off the island. (Not to mention the massive cost of forcing whole college campuses to pay an apple tax to participate in a discussion).

Re: It would turn a class room into a fun place to be by Henry (guest), 03 Jun 2010 21:18
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