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I am a process design guy with an economics goggles. I studied economics and business administration and focused on using my knowledge and personal experience to make the (work) world a better place. Achieving this I act as a boundary-spanner bringing diverse groups together to talk, think and act in order to create new ways to make life easier. … and also save resources in doing so (compared to present processes).

InternetOfThinking is the expression I have coined in order to describe what will emerge over the next few years due to heavy connectivity through social networks and new forms of collaboration between people (and of course organizations, if open enough (!)).


I'm a senior user assistance and spec writer at monkeymedia software.
I'm reminded here of Tuft University's Vue project. See [[]]
I love what this tool does. It's approach is new, not like powerpoint at all. I've had a devil of a time trying to create maps, though. There's a steep learning curve, which for a popular tool won't work. But huge credit to the Vue team's grasp of the problem, and their output - which may stir the pot a little here.


I am a bachelor of media design, and I finished my education two years ago with a concept for non-linear presentations, which is amazingly similar to the talkingpad idear Seth just introduced to the world. Not being the business savvy person needed for a project like this the concept never became realized, but we just restarted talks about it since the iPad introduction. I'm willing to share my ideas and early UI designs I already made.

Bastiaan van OordeBastiaan van Oorde

I like to make and tinker with any type of technology I can get my hands on. I love to learn. I stumbled across Seth's blog and decided to join to see how this turns out and to see if I can help out as well.


I am a masters student working in the field of robotics. I have been developing firmware for a couple of customized devices. I am a new user to the Iphone/Ipad SDK and would like to extend help/to be a part of a combined effort.


As an architect from India I come across changing decision making on site

I feel Ipad should integrate applications like cad and sketchup besides supporting lite bim versions-maybe a single application- can also be online slicing out plans. Can be used with a built-in micro printer, scanner and even a small mouse.
Manuj D SharmaManuj D Sharma

Hi all. I'm learning Obj-C and am picking it up quite fast. I'd be interested in working with someone (or team/crowd source) to get something like this developed!


Hi there. As a media technologist, I have been actively involved in the development of new-media technologies, book design, typography, online strategies, media asset management, graphic design, Voice over IP, online video streaming and syndication, and social media … a very strange mix for some … and very natural for me. Yes to the horizontal and the diagonal. Learn, investigate, integrate, cross-fertilize, collaborate, innovate. These are my keywords. I have extensive experience in web applications, interactive media projects, social media, telecommunications, SEO, networking, and software design. Possessing detailed technical expertise coupled with marketing acumen, I have applied it to technology, strategy, managerial and marketing projects. I have worked in Israel, Europe, India, United Kingdom and the United Sates, and I am fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

As a hobby I explore the application of traditional painting techniques (oils, impasto, watercolor, charcoal, etc) to the digital realm and developed some interesting techniques based on the concept of computer assisted painting. My explorations are in portraiture and still life. I play and collect Native American flutes, ocarinas and the andinian moseños.

I found Seth's idea worthy of exploring further (with an intention to ship), and I am helping as an admin on this wiki.

Jossi FrescoJossi Fresco

i'm a programmer. i'll be releasing an e-book multimedia authoring-tool soon that can probably be modified to give most of the functionality that's talked about here… i'll let y'all know when it's available…


Hi, I'm in the iPhone business since October 2008 when I published my first app. I'm writing about my experiences on my Dr. Touch blog and I'm doing everything that relates to developing for the Apple platforms: coaching, troubleshooting, contracting, own apps and many more. I've made a bit of a name for myself in the community by providing MyAppSales (a mobile sales report downloader) as source code, AntiCrack (a cheap yet effective copy detection mechanism) and selling software components in my Dr. Touch's Parts Store

I'm interested in participating in a group activity that has the goal of publishing "Seth Godin's Talking Pad" and making a profit with it where the proceeds are then shared among the participants.
Oliver DrobnikOliver Drobnik

I teach maths and can see a lot of educational potential for tablet devices generally (a class set in a messenger bag, walk to the classroom and start a web enhanced lesson) and talkingpad software. Students would author talking pad slide decks as a change from writing essays, and would improve their visual communication skills in the process.

I might get time to mock up something in ppt using the 'action settings'.


Hey everyone I'm interested in technology, innovation and design. This sounds like it could be a good idea and I am interested in trying to work with people online with this type of project.


Who will become the leader here that takes charge like this: Ok folks, on March 1st, 2010, at 2 pm, I am going to start a conference chat. Those interested in really doing this will go to this URL [insert url here] at said date and time. At that time, I will lead the discussion about what the iPad is, how development is done on it, in addition to showing you my detailed technical specifications of what the requirements Seth has outlined are.

I will have very basic user designed mock-ups of screens showing every scenario Seth has outlined. We will then discuss what should be changed to best reflect what Seth is trying to accomplish and then leave the meeting with a set of tasks for documentation, user experience design, and programming development. I will take care of project management and assigning work.

I will document the application we are building, someone will need to create the graphics/sounds/transition effects - no outsourcing this work, the app needs to be original. Someone will need to take the lead in development of this application. Someone at the meeting will come forward and declare, 'I'll do it.' If nobody does, then I will figure it out myself and take the development lead. At the meeting, we will discuss which developer will purchase an iPad so that the code and user experience sounds/graphics, etc… and be emailed to that person to run on it.

As the leader of this project, I will set out the project plan and work on the individual tasks that must be accomplished for this app to be completed. A few days after the meeting, I will email the project plan to everyone involved - so I'll need your email. We will then collaborate every Saturday morning at 9 am MST to check progress and see if the deadlines for assigned tasks are being met. The project plan will start off with simple tasks - can we get an app built that says, 'hello world', then can we add the ability to enter text, then can we add two screens, etc… and slowly build up to the point that we have accomplished the said app Seth has described.

Once all tasks have been accomplished, there will be another meeting at [same url as above], which will also have video, so you can see my iPad with the application we have created. We will then go over any final changes that need to be made. After that, I will contact Seth Godin myself in private, and send him a video of me using the iPad with said app. Everyone's names and efforts will be linked to that contact. I will discuss with Seth where to go from there.

  • That's the question, is there a leader out there that will do this. If someone has the intuition, guts, and leadership to do it, Seth's said app will be a success. If no such leader exists, then expect the app in some form to come somewhere else. The choice is yours folks. Do this and it happens, do it not and it is dead.


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