UI Mock-ups
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Are you an artist? Share your brilliance for the TalkingPad user interface here.

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Navigation Mock-up


The idea here is to be linear and non-linear. Whatever slide you are looking at is in the middle when you zoom out. This lets you navigate to any slide at anytime. If you flick left or right the presentation advances or retreats.

The "edge" here is that you are only allowed 9 slides.


Options Mock-up


If the slides change position if might be hard to know where all the other slides are. When you tap you should see a numbers indicating the location of each slide as well as other option.

When you pinch out you can see all the other slide in the grid format. Swiping from the zoomed out view could bring up a blank page.


Rotate Mock-up


I know what you are thinking the iPad rotates by its self. However this doesn't work when the iPad is laying flat on the table. It might be nice to be able to rotate the slide if the iPad is plugged in or something.



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